The SKINSPLASH Packaging Journey

The SKINSPLASH Packaging Journey

Skinsplash Packaging Journey:

Anoma's vision has always been to revolutionize the beauty industry in a responsible and sustainable way. With this in mind, the brand has been exploring eco-friendly packaging options that would not harm the environment. At first, we tested recyclable plastic packaging, but after a few months, we discovered that it didn't preserve the potency of the product. Moreover, we learned that plastic is not a sustainable option, even if it is made from recyclable or post-consumer waste materials. We then turned to glass packaging, which is more sustainable if it is reused, as the manufacturing of new glass increases its carbon footprint. After extensive research, we finally found the perfect solution - a frosted glass bottle with an aluminum cap that can be reused, reducing the brand's impact on the environment. Anoma Beauty is committed to being a responsible and eco-conscious brand, and we will continue to explore sustainable options in all aspects of our business.


Since Skinsplash is a versatile product that can be used in multiple ways - with a cotton pad, spray bottle, or dropper - we wanted to make sure that we offered sustainable options for each method. While the sprayer and dropper are traditionally made with plastic, we have created an add-on that customers can purchase separately to reduce waste. This allows customers to reuse their existing bottle of Skinsplash and simply switch out the applicator, rather than needing to purchase a new bottle each time. By offering this option, we hope to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in the beauty industry.

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